Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver

 .925 sterling silver must be cleaned and stored properly to retain its original shine and luster. Oxidation is normal due to the natural elements, and adds to the charm of your pieces.

To clean, use a soft polishing cloth (avoiding stones) and store in an air tight box or zip bag when not wearing 

In fact the best way to keep your silver pieces bright is by wearing regularly!! 


Gold-filled metal consists of a 5% layer of 14kt gold which is pressure bonded onto a base metal and thicker than most plated jewellery. Its durable and a great economical alternative to solid gold, and when cared for properly will last for years

To preserve the longevity of your Boem jewels, please follow these care instructions

> Always take your jewellery off before showering, sleeping, swimming, entering a sauna, working out or any vigorous activity which might compromise your pieces.

> Keep jewellery away from chlorine and/or other harsh chemicals and humidity.

> Always put jewellery on after your lotions and perfumes

> Store jewellery in a dry place such as a box or zip-lock back when not in use.

Crystal Care

Please make sure to ALWAYS take off any crystal pieces before showering, spraying perfumes/lotions, vigorous activity and also be mindful when wearing. Avoid tugging hard and knocking the crystals on hard surfaces as they won't be happy!