Labradorite & Moonstone ring #2

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Labradorite and moonstone statement ring is set in fine silver with sterling silver accent details with a half round hammered band.

These two stones always makes a good combo. Not only in appearance but also for their complementing healing properties. Both are mystical stones.
Labradorite protects from negativity, enhances inner strength, and is calming.
Moonstone brings clarity, soothing, and balances emotions.

⇢ uk size P
us size 7 1/2
⇢ One of a kind

⇢ Ethically sourced

⇢ Made from Eco-friendly recycled silver

⇢ Handmade in London

⇢ Please note that actual colour of stones may vary slightly due to individual computer monitors/mobile devices have different capabilities from one another to display colour. If you would like to see any stones before purchasing please DM me on instagram.